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Boris Shklovskii awarded 2019 Buckley Prize

Andrey Chubukov Awarded 2018 Bardeen Prize

13th Annual Misel Family Lecture in October 2018 by Professor Nergis Mavalvala from MIT.

FTPI Professor Mikhail Shifman elected to the National Academy of Sciences


FTPI Director Keith Olive Awarded the 2018 Hans A. Bethe Prize

Stephen G. Gasiorowicz Library and Collaboration Space Dedication
The Stephen G. Gasiorowicz Collaboration Space Dedication was held on March 7, 2018 in conjunction with the Grand Opening of John T. Tate Hall.

Professor Stephen G. Gasiorowicz, a founder of the William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute, had a renowned legacy in physics teaching and research worldwide. The Stephen G. Gasiorowicz Collaboration Space and Library that houses Gasiorowicz’s book collection was generously donated by his former student Dr. William (68’, PhD) and Mrs. Marjorie Bardeen.

"Holographic Quantum Matter; Workshop Summary"

"Correlated Electron Systems - Novel Developments; Workshop Summary"

12th Annual Misel Family Lecture in September 2017 by Professor Freedman



"Physics of the Intracluster Medium: Theory and Computation; Workshop Summary"

“Charge and Energy Transport in Nanocrystal Assemblies; Workshop Summary"

“Olivefest: Astroparticle Physics Looking Forward; Workshop Summary"




Dirac Medal 1 Dirac Medal 3 Dirac Medal 2
Professor Mikhail Shifman and Professor Arkady Vainshtein have been awarded the 2016 Dirac Medal and Prize. Click HERE for more information.

The award ceremony took place at the Abdus Salam ICTP in Trieste on March 22, 2017. Click HERE to watch the archived video. A link to more photos from the ceremony are available HERE on the ICTP website.

"Continuous Advances in QCD 2016; Workshop Summary"

"Advances in strongly correlated electronic systems (ASCES2016); Workshop Summary"

Professor Preskill to give the eleventh annual Misel Lecture in October 2016


“Symmetries and Interactions in Topological Matter; Workshop Summary”

"Cosmology with the CMB and its Polarization; Workshop Summary"

Professor Polchinski to give the tenth annual Misel Lecture in September 2015

Arkady Vainshtein
Professor Arkady Vainshtein was awarded the 2014 Julius Wess Award by The KIT Center Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics (KCETA)



We are pleased to announce that the William I Fine Theoretical Physics Institute now has a Wikipedia page as well as each faculty member of the institute. Please see details HERE.

National Public Radio blog by Robert Krulwich focuses on research of former FTPI postdoc, Brian Skinner and FTPI Professor, Boris Shklovskii regarding mortality. To read the article, "Am I Going to Die This Year? A Mathematical Puzzle" click HERE.

FTPI Professor Alex Kamenev was nominated for Fellowship in the American Physical Society at its November meeting by The Divison of Condensed Matter Physics. His election for fellowship is cited as "For advancing the methods of quantum kinetic theory."

Professor Andrey Chubukov has accepted the William and Bianca Fine Chair in Theoretical Physics (formerly held by late Professor Anatoly Larkin).  Professor Chubukov earned his PhD in Physics from Moscow State University and has been a Professor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison since 1993. He is expected to join FTPI in September 2014. Professor Chubukov is a leading expert in theoretical condensed matter physics with the emphasis on theory of novel superconductors, high Tc materials and quantum magnetism.  He is an author of more than 200 publications in scientific journals.

Professor Mikahil Shifman will receive the 2013 Pomeranchuk Prize, an international award for theoretical physicists given by the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics in Moscow. Shifman was cited "for outstanding results in nonperturbative quantum field theory."

"What Are We Learning From the Gamma-Ray Sky?; Workshop Summary"

"Correlated Oxides and Oxide Interfaces; Workshop Summary"

Professor Linde to give the ninth annual Misel Lecture in September 2014



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