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“Electron Transport in Nanocrystal Assemblies; Workshop Summary"

“Electron-Electron Interactions in Graphene and Other New 2D Materials;
Workshop Summary"

"Continuous Advances in QCD; Workshop Summary"

"Frontiers Beyond the Standard Model III; Workshop Summary"

Professor Cornell to give the eighth annual Misel Lecture in September 2013


Fine Theoreteical Physics Institute appears in Star Tribune article.

"Pre-Planckian Inflation; Workshop Summary"

"Low-Dimensional Quantum Gases Out of Equilibrium; Workshop Summary"

Professor Ellis to give the seventh annual Misel Lecture in September 2012


"Continuous Advances in QCD; Workshop Summary"

"Unconventional Superconductivity Workshop; a great success!"

"Gravitational Waves Workshop Summary"

Professor Blandford to give the sixth annual Misel Lecture in September 2011


"Quantum Hall Effect at 30 Years" highlights developments in quantum Hall systems

Professor Mermin to give the fifth annual Misel Lecture in September 2010


Retrospect: A gathering place for great minds

Professor Quinn to give the fourth annual Misel Lecture in October 2009


FTPI student Sergiy Dubynskiy awarded Stanwood Johnston Fellowship

Registration opens for "Neutrino Frontiers," to be held Oct. 23-26, 2008

"Continuous Advances in QCD 08" a major international event

Institute of Technology, Inventing Tomorrow, Spring/Summer 2008, 32-33

Workshop on "Quantum Magnetism" unites theory and experiment

Professor Peebles to give the third annual Misel Lecture in September 2008


Third International Dark Matter Conference held at FTPI (June 5-10, 2007)

Larkin Fellowship awarded to former advisee Roman Lutchyn (May 2, 2007)

Larkin Fellowship presented to FTPI doctoral student Tao Hu (May 2, 2007)

Biophysics workshop hits the hottest frontiers of physics research (May 4-6, 2007)

Supermind: Mikhail Shifman's tribute to Felix Berezin (May 2007)

Anatoly Larkin Fellowship

Prof. Leo Kadanoff to give second annual Misel Lecture in October 2007



Dr. Mikhail Shifman awarded 2006 Lilienfeld Prize

Dr. Arkady Vainshtein awarded 2006 Pomeranchuk Prize

Dr. Frank Wilczek gives first annual Misel Lecture on October 4, 2006

Workshop commemorates Prof. Anatoly Larkin (May 2006)


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