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Year: 2006

FTPI-MINN-06/01 Central Charge Anomalies in 2-D Sigma Models with Twisted Mass Shifman,Vainshtein and Zwicky J. Phys. A 39 (2006) 13005-13024
FTPI-MINN-06/02 Non-Abelian Strings and Axion Gorsky, Shifman and Yung Phys. Rev. D73 (2006) 125011
FTPI-MINN-06/03 Channel Coupling in e+ e- Annihilation into Heavy Meson Pairs at the D* anti-D* Threshold Voloshin hep-ph/0602233v2
FTPI-MINN-06/04 Deconstruction and Other Approaches to Supersymmetric Lattice Field Theories Giedt Int. J. Mod. Phys. A21 (2006) 3039-3094
FTPI-MINN-06/05 Phenomenological Indications of the Scale of Supersymmetry Ellis, Heinemeyer, Olive and Weiglein JHEP 0605 (2006) 005
FTPI-MINN-06/06 On Bs ---> μ+μ- and Cold Dark Matter Scattering in the MSSM with Non-Universal Higgs Masses Ellis, Olive, Santoso and Spanos JHEP 0605 (2006) 063
FTPI-MINN-06/07 Gravitational Waves from the First Stars Sandick, Olive, Daigne and Vangioni Phys. Rev. D73 (2006) 104024
FTPI-MINN-06/08 The Relic Neutrino Backround from the First Stars Olive and Sandick Conference
FTPI-MINN-06/09 Non-Abelian Semilocal Strings in N=2 Supersymmetric QCD Shifman and Yung Phys. Rev. D 73 (2006) 125012
FTPI-MINN-06/10 Impact of ΔmBs on the Determination of the Unitary Triangle and Bounds on Physics Beyond the Standard Model Velasco-Sevilla hep-ph/0603115
FTPI-MINN-06/11 Bulk-brane Duality in Field Theory Shifman and Yung Phys. Rev. D74 (2006) 045006
FTPI-MINN-06/12 Indications of the CMSSM Mass Scale from Precision Electroweak Data Ellis, Heinemeyer, Olive and Weiglein Conference
FTPI-MINN-06/13 Molecular Quarkonium Voloshin hep-ph/0605063
FTPI-MINN-06/14 A deconstruction lattice descriptino of the D1/D5 brane world-volume gauge theory Giedt hep-lat/0605004
FTPI-MINN-06/15 Bulk Fields in AdS5 from Probe D7 Branes Gherghetta and Giedt Phys. Rev. D74 (2006) 066007
FTPI-MINN-06/16 Reconstructing the Dark Energy Equation of State with Varying Couplings Avelino, Martins, Nunes and Olive Phys. Rev. D74 (2006) 083508
FTPI-MINN-06/17 Domain Lines as Fractional Strings Auzzi, Shifman and Yung Phys.Rev. D74 (2006) 045007
FTPI-MINN-06/18 Population III Generated Cosmic Rays and the Production of 6Li Rollinde, Vangioni and Olive Astrophys. J. 651 (2006) 658-666
FTPI-MINN-06/19 Power-Counting Theorem for Staggered Fermions Giedt Nucl. Phys. B782 (2007) 134-158
FTPI-MINN-06/20 Persistent Challenges of Quantum Chromodynamics Shifman Int. J. Mod. Phys. A21 (2006) 5695-5720
FTPI-MINN-06/21 CKM Pattern from Localized Generations in Extra Dimensions Matti Eur. Phys. J. C48:251-255, 2006
FTPI-MINN-06/22 Two-pion Transitions in Quarkonium Revisited Voloshin Phys. Rev. D74: 051022, 2006
FTPI-MINN-06/23 What if Supersymmetry Breaking Appears Below the GUT Scale? Ellis, Olive and Sandick Phys. Lett. B642: 389-399, 2006
FTPI-MINN-06/24 Constraints on a Scale Invariant Power Spectrum from Superinflation in LQC Mulryne and Nunes Phys. Rev. D74 (2006) 083507
FTPI-MINN-06/25 Chiral Symmetry Restoration: Spectral Degeneracies and Hadronic Couplings for High Excitations Shifman and Vainshtein  
FTPI-MINN-06/26 The Fate of SUSY Flat Directions and their Role in Reheating Olive and Peloso Phys. Rev. D74: 103514, 2006
FTPI-MINN-06/27 Analog of Bulk-brane Duality in Field Theory
Shifman and Yung Prepared for Conference
FTPI-MINN-06/28 Possible New Resonance at the D* D* Threshold in e+ e- Ennihilation Dubynskiy and Voloshin Mod.Phys.Lett.A21:2779-2788,2006
FTPI-MINN-06/29 Bound-State Effects on Light-Element Abundances in Gravitino Dark Matter Scenarios Cyburt, Ellis, Fields, Olive and Spanos. JCAP 0611:014,2006
FTPI-MINN-06/30 Dark Matter and Dark Matter Candidates Olive  
FTPI-MINN-06/31 Searching for Dark Matter in Unification Models: A Hint from Indirect Sensitivities Towards Future Signals in Direct Detection and B-decays Olive AIP: Conf. Proc. 878 (2006) 34-45
FTPI-MINN-06/32 Natural Inflation: Status after WMAP 3-year data Savage, Freese and Kinney Phys. Rev. D74 (2006) 123511
FTPI-MINN-06/33 e+ e-->ΎX(3872) near the D*D* threshold Dubynskiy and Voloshin Phys.Rev.D74:094017,2006
FTPI-MINN-06/34 Power-counting Theorem for Staggered Fermions Giedt Nucl.Phys.B782:134-158,2007
FTPI-MINN-06/35 Advances and Applications of Lattice Supersymmetry Giedt Pos LAT2006 (2006) 008
FTPI-MINN-06/36 Coupled Variations of Fundamental Couplings and Primordial Nucleosynthesis Coc, Nunes, Olive, Uzan and Vangioni Phys. Rev. D76 (2007) 023511
FTPI-MINN-06/37 Low-Energy Limit of Yang-Mills with Massless Adjoint Quarks: Chiral Lagrangian and Skyrmions Auzzi and Shifman J. Phys. A40 (2007) 6221-6238
FTPI-MINN-06/38 A note on C-Parity Conservation and the Validity of Orientifold Planar Equivalence Armoni, Shifman and Vangioni Phys. Lett. B647 (2007) 515-518
FTPI-MINN-06/39 N=1 Supersymmetric Quantum Chromodynamics: How Confined Non-Abelian Monopoles Emerge from Quark Condensation Gorsky, Shifman and Yung Phys.Rev. D75 (2007) 065032
FTPI-MINN-06/40 Primordial non-Gaussianity and Dark Energy Constraints from Cluster Surveys Sefusatti, Vale, Kadota and Frieman Astrophys J 658: 669-679, 2007
FTPI-MINN-06/41 The Decay of the Inflation in No-scale Supergravity Endo, Kadota, Olive, Takahashi, and Yanagidu JCAP 0702 (2007) 018
  Conductivity of a suspension of nanowires in a weakly conducting medium Hu, Grosberg and Shklovskii Phys. Rev. B 73, 155434 (2006)
  How does a protein search for the specific site on DNA: the role of disorder Hu and Shklovskii Phys. Rev. E 74, 021903 (2006)
  Hopping conductivity of a suspension of nanowires in an insulator Hu and Shklovskii Phys. Rev. B 74, 054205 (2006)
  Hopping conductivity of a suspension of flexible wires in an insulator Hu and Shklovskii Phys. Rev. B 74, 174201 (2006)
  Self-energy limited ion transport in sub-nanometer channels Bonthuis, Zhang, Hornblower, Mathe, Shklovskii, and Meller Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 128104 (2006)
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