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Institute Activities in Astro Particle/Cosmology physics

The main areas of research in astroparticle physics lie in the study of dark matter, in particular supersymmetric candidates for dark matter and non-supersymmetric canditates from grand unified theories; inflation; baryogenesis; big bang nucleosynthesis, and the study of the light element abundances through Li7; cosmic-ray nucleosynthesis, and the study of the Li, Be, and B isotopes; cosmic chemical evolution; neutrinos in astrophysics and cosmology;  and the possibility of time-varying fundamental constraints.
The Astro Particle/Cosmology program hosted: Louis Yang, Yue Zhang, Yi-Zen Chu, Ranjan Laha, Masha Barayakhtar, Yann Mambrini, Ryo Namba, Sam McDermott, Peter John Adshead, Ely Kovetz, Valerie Domcke, Jason Evans, Vassilis Spanos, Yann Mambrini, and Ippei Obata as short-term visitors and speakers during the 2016-2017 academic year.

FTPI hosted two workshops for Astro Particle/Cosmology this year entitled, "Physics of the Intracluster Medium: Theory and Computation” (ICM2016) held in the West Bank Office Building from August 22-24, 2016. This workshop was co-sponsored by the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics in Ann Arbor and the Niels Bohr International Academy in Copenhagen. The second workshop was entitled, “Olivefest: Astroparticle Physics Looking Forward” (OLIVEFEST). This workshop was held in the Hubert H. Humphrey School of public affairs from May 17- 19, 2017. 


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