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Institute Activities in Condensed Matter Physics

During 2015-2016 academic year, condensed matter research and the condensed matter visitor program focused on the following subjects:

1.    Electron transport in array of semiconductor nano-crystals.
2.    Electron mobility in accumulation layers at the surface of semiconductors and SrTiO3.
3.    Non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum liquids.
4.    Spin-transfer kinetics in magnetic nanostructures.
5.    Applications of Riemann geometry to statistical and quantum mechanics.
6.    Superconductivity in the cuprates and Fe-pnictides
7.    Interplay between superconductivity, magnetism, and charge order
8.    Quantum-critical phenomena

FTPI hosted a Summer School for Condensed Matter this year called, "Advances in strongly correlated electronic systems (ASCES2016)" (June 13-18, 2016) organized by the following UMN Physics and FTPI faculty: Fiona Burnell, Andrey Chubukov, Rafael Fernandes, Alex Kamenev, and Natalia Perkins. A summary of the workshops appears in the Conference and Workshop Activities section of this report.

The condensed matter program also hosted: Daniel Agterberg, Dmitry Bagrets, Mikhail Baranov, Norman Birge, Alexander Chudnovskiy, Dima Gangardt, Victor Gurarie, Gabor Halasz, Carsten Honerkamp, Maxim Khodas, Eugene Kolomeisky, Ivar Martin, Raul Santos, and Ohad Shpielberg, Yuxuan Wang as short-term visitors and Laura Classen, Baruch Meerson and Peter Woefle as long-term visitors during the 2015-2016 academic year.


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