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Institute Activities in Condensed Matter Physics

During 2016-2017 academic year condensed matter research and the condensed matter visitor program focused on the following subjects:

1.    Roughness scattering in semiconductor nanowires for quantum computation and search
      for ballistic window.
2.    Electron mobility in accumulation layers at the surface of semiconductors and SrTiO3.
3.    Non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum liquids.
4.    Spin-transfer kinetics in magnetic nanostructures.
5.    Applications of Riemann geometry to statistical and quantum mechanics.
6.    Superconductivity in the cuprates and Fe-pnictides
7.    Interplay between superconductivity, magnetism, and charge order
8.    Quantum-critical phenomena

The condensed matter program also hosted: Sasha Chernyshev, Alexander Chudnovskiy, Dimitri Gangardt, Victor Gurarie, Alex Koulakov, Tony Leggett, Saurabh Maiti, Dmitry Maslov, Max Melitski, Dimitri Mozyrsky, Petter Saterskog, Mihkail Skvortsov, Yuxuan Wang as short-term visitors and Yuval Gefen and Raul Santos as long-term visitors during the 2016-2017 academic year.

FTPI hosted one workshop for Condensed Matter this year entitled, "Charge and Energy Transport in Nanocrystal Assemblies” (CETNA) held in Keller Hall 3-180 from May 4 - 6, 2017. This workshop was organized by: Alexander Efros from the Navy Research Laboratory, Uwe Kortshagen from University of Minnesota (MRSEC) and Boris Shklovskii.





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