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The research at FTPI includes the major areas of theoretical physics: Theoretical Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, and Condensed Matter Physics and Biophysics. In addition to supporting the faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students involved in this research at the Institute, FTPI also hosts short- and long-term visitors and organizes workshops on topics of acute interest in the major areas of study.

Please visit the homepages of our faculty and postdocs for an overview of individual research interests, work, and recent publications, or follow the links below for excerpts from the Annual Report.



FTPI Publication List

Year: 2018

FTPI-MINN-18/01 Stop Coannihilation in the CMSSM and SubGUT Models J. Ellis, J. Evans, F. Lua, K. Olive, J. Zheng Eur.Phys.J. C78 (2018) no.5, 425
FTPI-MINN-18/02 Spin-2 Portal Dark Matter N. Bernal, M. Dutra, Y. Mambrini, K. Olive, M. Peloso, M. Pierre Phys.Rev. D97 (2018) no.11, 115020
FTPI-MINN-18/03 S wave hidden charm - hidden strangeness production in e+e- annihilation M. B. Voloshin Phys.Lett. B783 (2018) 175-177
FTPI-MINN-18/04 Supersymmetrizing the Gorsky-Shifman-Yung soliton E. Ireson, M. Shifman, A. Yung Phys.Rev. D97 (2018) no.10, 105021
FTPI-MINN-18/05 Charged-to-neutral meson yield ratio at ψ(3770) and Υ(4S )revisited M. B. Voloshin Phys.Rev. D97 (2018) no.11, 114023
FTPI-MINN-18/06 Supersymmetric tools in Yang–Mills theories at strong coupling: The beginning of a long journey M. Shifman Int.J.Mod.Phys. A33 (2018) no.12, 1830009
FTPI-MINN-18/07 Self-interacting dark matter and muon g−2 in a gauged U(1)Lμ−Lτ model A. Kamada, K. Kaneta, K. Yanagi, H-B. Yu JHEP 1806 (2018) 117
FTPI-MINN-18/08 Gravitino Decay in High Scale Supersymmetry with R-Parity Violation E. Dudas, T. Gherghetta, K. Kaneta, Y. Mambrini, K. Olive Phys.Rev. D98 (2018) no.1, 015030
FTPI-MINN-18/09 Hadrons of N=2 Supersymmetric QCD in Four Dimensions from Little String Theory

M. Shifman, A. Yung

FTPI-MINN-18/10 Uncertainties in WIMP Dark Matter Scattering Revisited J. Ellis, N. Nagata, K. Olive Eur.Phys.J. C78 (2018) no.7, 569
FTPI-MINN-18/11 Radiative and ρ transitions between heavy quarkonium and isovector four-quark states M. B. Voloshin Phys.Rev. D98 (2018) 034025
FTPI-MINN-18/12 New Weak-Scale Physics from SO(10) with High-Scale Supersymmetry S. A. R. Ellis, T. Gherghetta, K. Kaneta, K. Olive
FTPI-MINN-18/13 Principal Chiral Model in Correlated Electron Systems C. Batista, M. Shifman, Z. Wang, S-S. Zhang
FTPI-MINN-18/14 Quark spin structures of bottom-charmed threshold molecular states M. B. Voloshin Phys.Rev. D98 (2018) no.7, 074004
FTPI-MINN-18/15 De Sitter Vacua in No-Scale Supergravity J. Ellis, B. Bagaraj, P. V. Nanopoulos, K. Olive JHEP 1811 (2018) 110
FTPI-MINN-18/16 Interpolating between CP(N-1) and S2N-1 Target Spaces D. Schubring, M. Shifman
FTPI-MINN-18/17 The Cosmic Evolution of Magnesium Isotopes E. Vangioni and K.A. Olive
FTPI-MINN-18/18 Supersymmetric Models in Light of Improved Higgs Mass Calculations E. Bagnaschi et al.
FTPI-MINN-18/19 Zc(4100) and Zc(4200) as hadrocharmonium M.B. Voloshin Phys.Rev. D98 (2018) 094028
FTPI-MINN-18/20 Spectral Conspiracies and the density of states in adjoint QCD A. Cherman, M. Shifman, M. Unsal
FTPI-MINN-18/21 A General Classification of Starobinsky-like Inflationary Avatars of SU(2,1)/SU(2) x U(1) No-Scale Supergravity J. Ellis, P.V. Nanopoulos, K. Olive, S. Verner
FTPI-MINN-18/22 Heterotically Deformed Sigma Models on the World Sheet of Semilocal Strings in SQED E. Ireson, M. Shifman, A. Yung
FTPI-MINN-18/23 Symmetry Breaking and Reheating after Inflation in No-Scale Flipped SU(5) J. Ellis, M. Garcia, N. Nagata, D. Nanopoulos, K. Olive
FTPI-MINN-18/24 On Grassmannian Heterotie Sigma Model M. Kreshchuk, E. Kurianovych, M. Shifman
The Conditions for l=1 Pomeranchuk Instability in a Fermi Liquid Y.-M. Wu, A. Klein, A. Chubukov Phys. Rev. B 97, 165101 (2018)
Itinerant fermions on a triangular lattice: unconventional magnetism and other ordered states M. Ye, A. Chubukov
Orbital order in FeSe - the case for vertex renormalization R.-Q. Xing, L. Classen, A. Chubukov Phys. Rev. B 98, 041108 (2018)
Effects of Lifshitz transitions in ferromagnetic superconductors: the case of URhGe Y. Sherkunov, A. Chubukov, J. Betouras Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 097001 (2018)
Fermi-liquid theory and Pomeranchuk instabilities: fundamentals and new developments A. Chubukov, A. Klein, D. Maslov
Time-reversal symmetry-breaking nematic superconductivity in FeSe J. Kang, A. Chubukov, R. Fernandes Phys. Rev. B 98, 064508 (2018)
Superconductivity in FeSe: the role of nematic order J. Kang, R. Fernandes, A. Chubukov Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 267001 (2018)
Specific heat in strongly hole-doped Iron-based superconductors D. Chichinadze, A. Chubukov
Superconductivity-induced nematicity Y. Kushnirenko, D. Evtushinsky, T. Kim, I. Morozov, L. Harnagea, S. Wurmehl, S. Aswartham, A. Chubukov, S. Borisenko
Pairing in quantum-critical systems: Tc, Δ, and their ratio Y.-M. Wu, A. Abanov, A. Chubukov
Superconductivity above a quantum critical point in a metal -- gap closing vs gap filling, Fermi arcs, and pseudogap behavior A. Abanov, Y.-M. Wu, Y. Wang, A. Chubukov
The special role of the first Matsubara frequency for superconductivity near a quantum-critical point -- the non-linear gap equation below Tc and spectral properties in real frequencies Y.-M. Wu, A. Abanov, Y. Wang, A. Chubukov
Symmetry Protected Topological Metals X.Ying, A. Kamenev Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 086810 (2018)
Landau theory of the short-time dynamical phase transitions of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang interface N. Smith, A. Kamenev, B. Meerson Phys. Rev. E 97, 042130 (2018)
On the Importance of Stereo for Accurate Depth Estimation: An Efficient Semi-Supervised Deep Neural Network Approach N. Smolyanskiy, A. Kamenev, S. Birchfield
Near-field heat transfer between disordered conductors A. Kamenev
On the replica structure of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model H. Wang, D. Bagrets, A. Chudnovskiy, A. Kamenev
On topological transitions in metals X. Ying, A. Kamenev
ZnO Nanocrystal Networks Near the Insulator-Metal Transition: Tuning Contact Radius and Electron Density with Intense Pulsed Light B. Greenberg, Z. Robinson, K. Reich, C. Gorynski, B. Voigt, L. Francis, B. Shklovskii, E. Aydil, U. Kortshagen Nano letters 17 (8), 4634-4642 (2017)
Disorder From the Bulk Ionic Liquid in Electric Double Layer Transistors T. Petach, K. Reich, X. Zhang, K. Wantanabe, T. Taniguchi, B. Shklovskii, D. Goldhaber-Gordon ACS nano 11 (8), 8395-8400 (2017)
Mobility and quantum mobility of modern GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures M. Sammon, M. Zudov, B. Shklovskii Phys. Rev. Materials 2, 064604 (2018)
Excess electron screening of remote donors and mobility in modern GaAs/AlGaAs herostructures M. Sammon, T. Chen, B. Shklovskii Phys. Rev. Materials 2, 104001 (2018)


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