QCD 2004 Workshop

Continuous Advances in QCD 2004

May 13-16, 2004

Workshop participants will present their latest results and discuss new ideas in the most interesting areas of high-energy theory. The scope of subjects to be discussed include:

  • perturbative and nonperturbative theoretical methods for studying the properties of strongly interacting particles;
  • behavior of strong interactions under the extreme conditions of high temperature and/or density, which may exist in astrophysical objects and in nuclear collisions at high energy;
  • physics of heavy quarks, presenting one of the major directions of today's experimental efforts;
  • "exotic" strongly interacting particles, some of which have recently been observed in experiments;
  • supersymmetry and new trends and methods in theoretical studies of quantum fields.

Participation is by invitation only. Interested parties should write to Arkady Vainshtein (qcd@physics.umn.edu).


Conference Organizers: Tony Gherghetta, Keith Olive, Mikhail Shifman, Arkady Vainshtein, and Mikhail Voloshin.


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