Mass, Light, and Chemistry Workshop

Probing Early Structure Formation with Mass, Light, and Chemistry

October 6 - 9, 2005

Hosted by the William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute and the Cosmology Group at the University of Minnesota

The goal of this meeting is to put together a coherent picture of how structure formed and evolved from a redshift of about 20 to 3. The meeting will bring together observational and theoretical aspects of the three topics that are usually discussed separately: dark matter, starts, and chemical abundances. Topics will include: simulations of the first stars, supernovae, and GRB's, reionization, nearby dwarf galaxies as relics of the high-z Universe, the apparent lack of dark galaxies and clusters and implications for the evolution of baryons, chemical analysis and modeling of the Lyman-alpha forest, current observational/laboratory limits on the properties of dark matter particles, etc. There will be no registration fees.

By bringing together people from diverse subfields we are hoping to stimulate discussion and inspire forward-looking research that will produce a comprehensive picture of the different aspects of the high redshift Universe.

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Local/Scientific Organizing Committee: Keith Olive, Marco Peloso, Yong-Zhong Qian, Evan Skillman, and Liliya Williams



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