Continuous Advances in QCD
2006 Workshop

Chaim Goodman-Strauss


May 11-14, 2006

The Seventh Workshop on Continuous Advances in QCD, "Continuous Advances in QCD 2006," is the latest in a series of workshops organized biannually by the William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute. These workshops summarize recent developments in quantum chromodynamics and gauge theories at large.

This workshop continues our tradition of bringing together theorists whose research is focused on a large variety of topics at the cutting edge of QCD, including supersymmetric tools, holographic descriptions of QCD, large-N methods, heavy quarks, and others.

Building on the success of previous workshops, broad review presentations will be combined with discussion sessions and original talks. Invited speakers include A. Polyakov, N. Arkani-Hamed, Z. Bern, G. Dvali, I. Klebanov, M. Strassler, and J. Sonnenschein, and many others.

Session conveners: Z. Bern, T. Cohen, E. Shuryak, A. Armoni, D. Tong, A. Khodjamirian, M. Shifman, T. Mannel, P. Colangelo

Participants & Talks


Conference Organizers: M. Shifman, K. Olive, M. Peloso, T. Gherghetta, M. Voloshin, and A. Vainshtein (

Also at FTPI: May 14-19, "Light-Cone QCD and Non-Perturbative Hadronic Physics"

This workshop immediately follows the QCD 2006 Workshop and explores the applications of light-cone quantization to the understanding of hadron structure and phenomena at a fundamental level in quantum chromodynamics. Please contact John Hiller (


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