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Electrostatic Interactions
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Molecular Biophysics:
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"Physics Inspired by Biology"
May 4-6, 2007
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Topics of this workshop will include:

  • The Coulomb effects in molecular biological systems, including structures of chromosomes and viruses, as well as virus self-organization;

  • Diffusion and transport in molecular biology, including protein search strategies, DNA unzipping, DNA translocation, DNA reptation from the virus head;

  • Statistical physics of macromolecules, including folding, sequence design, and sequence evolution, as well as knots and topological constraints in polymeric systems;

  • Statistical mechanics views on evolution, including fractal networks describing sequence and structure space of proteins;

  • Physics of ion channels, including the physics of selectivity of channels.

Organizers: Alexander Grosberg and Boris Shklovskii
Contact: bio07 AT physics.umn.edu

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