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Quantum Magnetism
May 2-4, 2008

Speakers: Please click here for information on uploading your talk for the web archive.


The Workshop will cover selected themes in the physics of low-dimensional interacting spin systems and frustrated magnets. These include, but are not confined to, such topics as:

  • the spin physics of quantum dots
  • magnetic molecules
  • quasi-1D magnets
  • spin-ladder systems
  • depleted lattice magnets
  • 2D spin liquids
  • spin-Peierls materials
  • frustrated quantum magnets
  • spin-orbital materials
  • quantum ferrimagnets

The purpose of the Workshop is to bring together some of the most active researchers throughout the world in the field of quantum magnetism. We hope to make the meeting attractive to both theorists and experimentalists in the field, with a primary aim being to stimulate discussions and to promote interactions between all participants.

On the theoretical side some of the fundamental methods which have been used to understand such strongly correlated and often highly frustrated systems as those mentioned above are:

  • the Bethe Ansatz and related methods for exactly integrable systems
  • spin-wave theory
  • exact diagonalizations of finite-sized systems
  • quantum Monte Carlo techniques
  • cumulant series expansions
  • coupled cluster method
  • density matrix renormalization group method
  • field-theoretic techniques

We hope, inter alia, to be able both to discuss the state-of-the-art with respect to the application of these and other methods to interesting models of quantum magnets, and to explore their relative merits and demerits. On the experimental side we aim to discuss the current state-of-the-art both for realizing the often low-dimensional materials that exhibit the phenomena described above, and for measuring their properties.

Organizing Committee:
   Ray Bishop (Chair)
   Chuck Campbell
   Leonid Glazman
   Alex Kamenev
   Johannes Richter

Please note that, due to limited space, participation is by invitation only. For further information please contact the organizers at:


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