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We are proud to announce the workshop, “What are we learning from the gamma-ray sky?” sponsored by the William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute at the University of Minnesota, Twin Citites. This exciting event will be held in Minneapolis from Thursday, October 10 to Saturday, October 12, 2013.

In the past several years there has been a tremendous amount of activity in opening up this window to the Universe. New data from satellites and ground-based telescopes have led to spectral energy distributions that now include high-quality gamma-ray observations. This in turn has sharpened our ability to formulate theories behind many cosmological and astrophysical phenomena. Important constraints on the extragalactic background light – the total accumulation of starlight over the history of the Universe – has led to a better understanding of the potential contribution of relic particles to the diffuse gamma-ray background and provided unprecedented constraints on the role of heavy dark matter particles in the formation of the first stars. Gamma-ray observations at all scales from the galactic center and sub-halo candidates to clusters of galaxies are an important avenue in constraining dark matter candidates – recent data has shown intriguing hints of an indirect detection.

Topics to be covered:
Compact Objects
Extragalactic Background Light
Indirect Detection of Dark Matter

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Lucy Fortson, University of Minnesota
Keith Olive, FTPI, University of Minnesota