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Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to a workshop "Cosmology with the CMB and its Polarization" to be held in downtown Minneapolis on Wednesday, January 14th to Friday, January 16th 2015 sponsored by our Fine Theoretical Physics Institute. The purpose of the workshop is to assemble the US and international CMB community to assess the current status of experimental and theoretical studies, and to look forward to the future.

The workshop will start with several presentations on the full mission Planck results to be announced this fall. There will then be a full review of the status of ground based and sub-orbital experimental programs, and of current theoretical aspects. We will also have a report on the upcoming European M4 proposal for a post-Planck space mission and a discussion about NASA's plans for CMB and participation in M4. The workshop will end with a discussion regarding the next generation CMB S4 polarization project recently endorsed by the US P5 HEP advisory committee. With all the current activity in the field it should be an exciting meeting!

The workshop will be held in the Windows On Minnesota (Universe Room), on the 50th floor of the IDSCenter (80 S 8th Street) in Downtown Minneapolis which is connected to the Skyway system giving easy indoor access to many other hotels and restaurants etc.

Thanks to the sponsorship of FTPI there will be no registration fee. Please register your interest in attending the workshop at the following website:

Due to limited space, and to ensure a balance of participants, we will need to approve registrations. Talks are by invitation only although suggestions are welcome. We will also hold a poster session.

Best Regards,

Clem, Keith, Marco and Shaul